January Woman on the Move: Konga

“We Salute Konga”

Konga was 18 and pregnant when she traveled to the United States by herself from Togo in Africa after her family applied for the US Lottery because they were embarrassed that she was not married and wanted their daughter to have a good life. The Lottery provided her a Green Card and Social Security card but she still had to find her own way. When she reached New York City, Konga had no biological family to meet her at the airport. She stayed with someone who agreed to help her family but soon decided that she did not have space for Konga. That is when Konga turned to NMPP for help. One of NMPP’s French speaking case managers, Lucie, with Greater Harlem Healthy Start took Konga under her wings. Lucie advocated for Konga with her landlord and helped her to get government benefits. When Konga gave birth to her son. He was born with a hole in his heart. She was told by doctors that he was not expected to live. Within a month, her case manager Lucie helped Konga to apply for Social Security benefits for her son. With this financial assistance Konga was able to find her own apartment and to better take care of herself and her child. In 2016, Konga will be entering college to study Nursing. She has full-time care for her son and she is determined to educate herself and find a rewarding job.

Our Statement

For nearly 25 years, the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership (NMPP) has delivered nationally recognized critical health and social services to underserved communities in Harlem and Northern Manhattan. In recent months, the media has questioned some of NMPP’s administrative practices which have prompted government officials to launch various inquiries into these matters. While we do not believe that our agency has committed any wrongdoing, we also welcome any process which helps to provide members of the public with the assurances they need that we take our obligation to transparency and fiscal responsibility very seriously.

We want our supporters and constituents to know that we stand behind the legacy upon which the organization was founded. It is this foundation that has propelled us to the forefront of this movement, where we have helped to create a new standard of care and quality of life for thousands of women and families. The needs of our community are many, and are not going to vanish. Throughout this process, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to help families live healthier, happier and more resilient lives.

We recognize that we have been entrusted to help the most vulnerable and needy communities and we ask that there not be a rush to judgment. NMPP will continue to share updates as information becomes available. We sincerely appreciate the support of all our funders, allies and clients and confidently look forward to the next 25 years.