Family Health Connections (IMRI)

Location: 127 W. 127th St. New York, NY 10027

Funding Source: New York City Council

Eligibility: Men and women of childbearing age

Income Requirement: None

Service Areas/Zip Codes: Manhattan

Services Provided:
This Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative is funded by the New York City Council. NMPP is one of 5 Regional Perinatal Coordinating Bodies that delivers direct services to men and women of child‐bearing age, infants and children as well as technical support to other community based organizations. The Family Health Connections program provides case management, focusing on overall well‐being, reproductive health, education, job and career readiness, life and family skills. Family Health Connections also provides group and one to one breastfeeding education and support to moms, health education workshops and referrals for services. Services are available to families in the New York City area.


Contact: Fajah Ferrer, Program Coordinator

Tel: 212‐665‐2600

Hours of Operation: Mon‐Fri 9AM to 5PM