Birth Justice Defenders

The Birth Justice Defenders (BJDs) are community residents who create innovative ways to educate their communities about their rights, and advocate for an environment where pregnant women feel supported in asserting those rights in order to have safe and dignified birth experiences. This initiative is a collaboration with NYCHDOMH, with NMPP serving as the hub for the Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island BJDs. 

As a hub, NMPP provides support to the Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island communities throughout their process of skill building, networking, and visioning of impactful community-centered initiatives to implement. 

Types of Support Provided by NMPP 

  • NMPP provides a platform (in person or virtual) to support regular community meetings, trainings and BJDs picactivities.
  • Provide staff support.
  • Conduct ongoing recruitment and retention of community members for engagement in birth justice work.
  • Assist team members with the planning of, or participation in, community or hospital-based educational events focused on respectful care at birth.
  • Offer space as well as personnel to support meetings.
  • Provide language translation support for the BJDs.