Healthy Families Central Harlem

NMPP’s Healthy Families is a community program that partners with parents to build a community of HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE & SMART children, ready for school. We provide in-home support during pregnancy and throughout early childhood. Services are provided from the time a mother is expecting up until her child enters Head Start, or reaches 5 years of age. The goal of the program is to help parents/caretakers bond with their child, have healthier babies, demonstrate better knowledge of parenting and child development, create positive family bonds, develop connections to community services, and have children who do better in school.

To enroll in the program, you must either be pregnant or have a child less than three months of age. Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

  • We assist families by identifying developmental and health concerns, then work with the families to address them as soon as possible.
  • We help parents create fun activities that will allow the children to enjoy play time.
  • We address the child’s needs, including promoting their social and emotional growth through bonding and attachment with the parents.
  • We empower families in the creation of family centered goals, and provide resources and tools to help them achieve self-sufficiency.
  • We provide access to community resources and services, such as education, employment, medical providers, public assistance programs, early intervention, and baby supplies.

Service Areas/Zip Codes: 10026, 10027, 10030, 10037 and 10039.

Contact: 646-858-6759.

Mom and baby smiling